Proactive steps against vandalism

As a business owner, you cannot guarantee your business will never be the victim of acts of vandalism. However, you can take steps to help “proactively prevent” your business from getting vandalized ( The tasks suggested by and relatively simple and most require minimal financial commitments. Here are the steps the site suggests to help protect your business:

  • Increased lighting on the property. With added interior and exterior lighting on the property, it becomes clear the property is not vacant. The additional lighting also makes it much easier for any actions on the property to be visible. Needless to say, potential vandals are likely to get spooked with the possibility of being visible. PropertyCasualty360 also suggests installing motion-sensor exterior lights to give vandals an extra scare.
  • Set a perimeter around the property. Use fencing and bushes to enclose and protect your property ( The obstacles can help deter vandals away from your property. As mentioned, a tall and sturdy fence on the property, or strategically placed bushes can do the trick. The site suggests planting bushes near a window, and bushes with thorns will provide even more security.
  • Install camera equipment. An obvious, yet pricey solution, would be to install camera equipment. Camera equipment would likely scare off vandals as well as provide clues, should an act of vandalism occur. Tip: While a riskier move, a cheaper solution could be to only install the camera. Recording equipment may not be necessary, as the simple presence of cameras can spook vandals.
  • Quick cleanup. One reason vandals may act out is to  grab the attention of others. By doing a quick cleanup of anything damaged or broken, you aren’t letting their works be visible long enough to garner the attention. With minimal time and attention designated to their actions, they may be less likely to vandalize again (
  • Be involved in the community.  By looking for and reporting criminal activity in the community, you can encourage more police presence to your area of town. Additionally, by supporting local programs, you can encourage activities that keep people busy, leaving little to no time for vandalism (

Overall, these proactive steps should be much easier and cheaper than dealing with the aftermath of vandalism. But, it is important to note that it is impossible to completely prevent vandalism. Instead, try to get ahead of the game.