Secrets to a happier life explored the secrets to living a happier life, and with summer approaching, we are all ready to let the good times roll! A University of Pennsylvania professor claims there are four types of happy lives. The professor distinguishes these as “the pleasant life,” “the good life,” “the meaningful life” and “the full life” (

“The pleasant life” revolves around maximizing the feelings one experiences. “You want as many positive feelings and bodily pleasures as you can” ( Whether it is laughter or happiness, those living the pleasant life are enjoying the ride of life. After all, nothing feels better than finishing the last piece of cake, eh?

Others who live “the good life” have recognized their strengths and actively pursue them. Most notably, we think of these people as pro-athletes, singers, actors, etc. However, just because one has not achieved mass-recognition does not mean they aren’t living the good life. Anyone living the good life is “actively doing stuff (they’re) good at and getting lost in it” (

“The meaningful life” is incredibly similar to the good life, except that one is using their strengths to benefit themselves and others. These individuals are often very caring, and they do not seek an immediate return on their happiness.

Finally, “the full life,” is the combination of aspects of the other three types of happiness. One living the full life manages to simultaneously feel, do and help. Research shows that these people “savor life’s pleasures and try to live in the present moment” (

You may already recognize the type of happiness you currently have, or you may recognize the kind of happiness you wish to have. Either way, it is important to continue to push the boundaries-get out of your comfort zone to explore the unknown.