Kansas Business Insurance

Starting a business is an exciting time. You’re reaching for your dreams, building something for yourself and your family, and helping customers and clients. But it’s not without risk. From liability to storms that wipe out your inventory, anything that can go wrong often will. Ask anyone who’s owned their own business for a while. Sometimes the only thing you can predict is that you can’t predict what will happen next.

So get out of the prediction game and protect your business with the right business insurance policies instead. While every company is unique and faces risk specific to your industry, there are certain policies every Kansas business needs.

General Liability: When a customer or vendor gets hurt in your store, on your job site, or during a meeting with you, you could be found liable for damages and expenses. General liability coverage pays for their property damage, medical expenses, and potential lawsuit costs.

Workers’ Compensation: If you have employees and your gross payroll exceeds $20,000 per year, you’re required to carry workers’ compensation coverage. This pays the lost wages and medical expenses for employees hurt on the job and covers you if you’re sued.

Business Owner Policy: Also known as a BOP, a business owner policy is a bundled set of insurance coverage that can include property damage, business interruption, and liability coverage.

Every business needs some amount of business insurance. The exact amount and type of insurance depends on the size and type of company you own. Copeland Insurance Agency can help you figure out the insurance policies that will best protect your investment, your income, and your employees.

Contact us today and let’s discuss your Kansas business insurance needs and how we can work together to protect what you’re building now and help you prepare for future growth.