Kansas Business Owners Policy

As a Kansas business owner you don’t have time for complicated plans and policies. You need your processes, procedures, policies, and yes, even your business insurance to be as streamlined as possible. That kind of organization saves you time and money. Could your business use something like that? You may benefit from a business owners policy (BOP).

Instead of keeping up with multiple policies, premium payments, or renewal dates, you get one policy to cover the most basic and common risks your business faces.

Liability: General liability is a must for any business. This covers you when someone gets hurt or sues because of property damage or bodily injury they experience while working with, being near, or interacting with your business.

Property Insurance: Your building, equipment, inventory, signage, and other property are covered in case of a fire, storm, or other covered peril. You can replace what’s lost and get back to work faster.

Business Interruption: When a covered peril prevents you from doing business, shuts you down, or interrupts your business, this coverage pays you the lost income and can cover the extra expense of finding a new place to operate your business while you wait for repairs.

All businesses face certain risks, regardless of your industry or size: especially liability, property damage, and business interruption. A business owners policy bundles your coverage together in a convenient way so you know you’re covered.

In Kansas, BOPs only cover these specific risks. For commercial auto insurance, workers compensation, an umbrella policy, and other insurance coverage, you’ll still need a separate policy.

At Copeland Insurance Agency, we can help you protect your business from multiple forms of risk. Start with a business owners policy to simplify the process and give you peace of mind that you’re covered from most risks. Contact us today for a quote or to find out all of your business insurance coverage options.