Kansas General Liability Insurance

When you first start a business, there are basic things you need to do: create a business plan, figure out a budget, buy inventory, get equipment, and find a place to do business. One basic task is too often and too easily forgotten: buying a general liability insurance policy. Even the smallest business benefits from general liability coverage.

Why? Because anything that can happen probably will.

  • A client’s laptop might be damaged during a meeting.
  • Your customer may slip as they walk in the door.
  • Company equipment may ding a vendor’s vehicle.

When a third-party — customer, vendor, or random person — is injured or suffers property damage because of you or your company, you’re liable for their expenses. You could also be sued by the injured party — even if they tell you they won’t sue or say they’re not unhappy with you.

Protect your business and yourself with a good general liability insurance policy. Don’t try to pay out of pocket when someone gets hurt, and don’t leave yourself open to a lawsuit you can’t afford. In Kansas, general liability insurance protects three important areas for your business.

Bodily injury coverage: When someone gets hurt while working with you or on business property, their medical expenses are paid.

Property damage coverage: This part of your insurance pays for property damage someone might experience like vehicle damage, theft of personal property, and other forms of property damage.

Lawsuits: Even if you think the accident or problem was no big deal, you could be sued by someone who gets hurt.  Your liability policy takes care of your legal fees and any settlement up to your policy limit.

Not having enough liability coverage is nearly as bad as not having any at all. One big lawsuit, and you could go bankrupt.

Make sure that your Kansas business has the right amount of general liability insurance coverage for your business. And if you aren’t covered at all, now is the time to find a policy. Contact Copeland Insurance Agency today and let us help you protect your company and yourself from liability damages.