Workers Compensation Insurance for Trucking Companies

All employers face a certain amount of risk from potential accidents. Employees drop things, fall, slip, and trip all the time. But truck drivers are at greater risk for bigger accidents that hurt more people and cost more money. Whether you’re an owner-operator with a few trucks or you own a massive fleet hauling goods across the country every day, you need a workers’ compensation insurance policy built with you in mind.

Between loading and unloading shipments and the impact of sitting too long, truck drivers are prone to all kinds of accidents and injuries. When they get hurt, you’re responsible for their medical costs and lost wages.

A good workers’ compensation insurance policy for your trucking company takes care of several things at once:

  • Pays all medical expenses for drivers and other employees who get injured on the job
  • Covers lost wages, up to specific amounts, for drivers and employees
  • Pays death benefits to families if an employee dies on the job
  • Helps keep you from losing everything in a lawsuit by an injured employee or an angry family

How much workers’ compensation insurance do you need? What kind of coverage should you buy? Will it cost more or less than previous policies? At Copeland Insurance Agency, we can help you answer all of those questions and make sure you’re choosing from the best workers comp policies for your trucking company.

Contact us today and let us get you a free estimate on a new workers’ compensation policy for your trucking business, no matter how big or small. Your business and your drivers are counting on you.