Harvest Insurance

Because of the nature of your business, custom harvesters face a unique set of risks and exposures to danger, loss, and liability. From one-man cutters to bigger, more established operations with more employees and equipment, every custom harvesting business needs harvest insurance coverage. More importantly, it needs to be customized to fit your specific needs as well as the requirements of the industry.

At Copeland Insurance Agency, we’ve been working with and serving the farming and harvesting industry in Kansas for over 50 years. We’ve seen what can go wrong and just how expensive it can be when you don’t have the right insurance policy. Unlike other insurers, we’re in a unique position to understand your business and help you choose the best harvest insurance policy for your unique situation.

Your custom harvesting insurance plan can include multiple forms of coverage such as:

  • Commercial auto insurance to protect your vehicles and cover your liability costs after an accident on the road or on the farm.
  • Liability insurance covers you if a third-party (not an employee) gets hurt or experiences property damage while on your property or in the course of doing business with you.
  • Inland marine / cargo insurance covers your harvest while it’s being stored and hauled over the road – whether across the county, state, or country.

If you’ve ever spent time listening to a big insurance company with no harvesting or farming experience try to sell you insurance you don’t need, you know what a waste it can be. Work with an insurance agency who understands your business, how to help you protect it, and what you really need as part of your insurance coverage. Contact Copeland Insurance Agency today and let us help you find a harvest insurance policy that works for your harvesting business and needs.