Kansas Flood Insurance

Pay attention to the news on any given day and you’ll see that flooding is no stranger to Kansas. Flash floods, rising rivers, and more all contribute to this growing and devastating problem. Even if you don’t live in a flood zone, you’re still at risk. How do you protect yourself? In Kansas, flood insurance is more important now than ever before. You can’t rely on the federal government to make you whole again after a flood. They’re not capable of it, and that’s not their function.

Flood insurance is your best option against flash floods, rising waters, and other dangers from flooding. The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), a government-backed program writes the majority of flood insurance policies across the country but you can purchase a policy through your preferred insurance agency — like Copeland Insurance Agency.

Here’s what you need to know before you buy a Kansas flood insurance policy:

  • The flood zone you live in plays a role in determining the price you pay.
  • If your community participates in any flood-mitigation plans, you may pay less.
  • There will be a 30 day waiting period from the time you buy your policy to the day it becomes active. Any flood in that waiting period won’t be covered.
  • You can get flood insurance coverage immediately if you’re buying a home with a mortgage and moving into a high-risk flood zone.
  • If you’re building a home, there are things you can do before you build to mitigate your risk from a flood and lower your flood insurance premiums.

Instead of depending on the government or going without flood insurance, talk to one of our insurance agents who will get you a quote based on your location, your home, and other mitigating factors. Remember, anywhere it can rain, it can flood, so no zone is completely safe. Contact us today and let’s make sure your home is protected before the next 100 or 500 year flood hits Kansas.