Kansas Home Insurance

Whether you’re living in your first house or your last, it’s still your home. The place where memories are made, life is lived, and amazing adventures are had and planned. From your first small house that needed so much work to your retirement home that’s perfect for you now, you have to have a Kansas home insurance policy that will take care of you when the worst happens. From fire to theft to broken pipes, when anything happens — and it will — make sure you have a home insurance policy designed to help you put all the pieces back together again.

The right Kansas home insurance policy covers you in almost any situation:

  • Liability coverage helps pay the medical costs and property damage when someone is injured on your property. It also covers your legal expenses and settlements in case you’re sued.
  • Property damage coverage helps you repair or rebuild after a covered peril damages your home: fire, lightning, falling trees, theft, and more.
  • Your homeowners policy will also cover lost or stolen property taken from your vehicle if it’s broken into.

If the last time you thought about your home insurance was when you bought your home, it’s been too long without a coverage review. You need a policy that covers the value of your home today, not a decade ago, and it should cover all of your property — including any additions you’ve made over the years.

At Copeland Insurance Agency, we can help you choose a new policy when you buy your first home and an updated policy now or when you buy your next home. We’re here for you for all the changes life brings you, whether it’s a new room addition or the man cave in the backyard. We’ll help you choose the policy that gives you plenty of liability coverage in case of accidents and enough coverage to rebuild if needed. Contact us today and fill out the form to get a free estimate.