Kansas Renters Insurance

Renting your home can be a great option whether you’re just out of college or nearing retirement. You have the freedom to move around and to invest your money in other ways that you care about. Even better, your landlord is responsible for fixing any major problems — like the roof or the furnace. That lack of expense and responsibility draws a lot of people to the renting life, but your landlord doesn’t take care of absolutely everything. That’s what renters insurance is for and why it’s so important.

When disaster strikes — fire, bad storms, or worse, your landlord’s insurance policy will only cover the building and property. If your belongings get ruined, you’re on your own, unless you have a good renters insurance policy protecting you. For very little money each month, you can protect yourself and your possessions from total ruin.

In Kansas, your renters insurance policy covers more than you realize:

  • It replaces your clothes, furniture, television, game consoles, computer, laptop, smartphone, and more.
  • Renters insurance can pay for temporary accommodations and living expenses while your landlord rebuilds
  • The personal property in your vehicle is covered if you’re the victim of theft, vandalism, or another covered peril.

Even better, a Kansas renters insurance policy costs less than most people realize. For about $20 a month, everything you own is covered. Imagine how much it would cost just to replace your computer, smartphone, and clothes. Your renters insurance premium looks like a good deal in comparison — because it is.

Neither you nor your landlord can predict when a storm or fire will hit your rental. And there’s no way to know how long it will take to make it livable again. Make sure you have renters insurance to cover you in the meantime. Contact us today for a free quote so we can show you just how affordable a Kansas renters insurance policy is.