Kansas Umbrella Insurance

You’ve got home, auto, life, and health insurance to protect your family and yourself. But is that really all you need? You can predict a lot in life — people will drive badly on the road, a burst pipe in the basement will be bad news, and people sue each other for big and small reasons. These are just a few reasons you already have insurance. But what about the things you don’t see coming?

  • Multi-car accidents that injure multiple people and total several cars — and you’re at fault.
  • A major accident in your home that sends someone to the hospital, and they decide to sue you.
  • Anytime you get taken to court over something that happened involving your property or your own actions where you might be found liable.

These situations may sound extreme, but they can happen to anyone at anytime. The liability coverage in your standard insurance policy likely won’t be enough to cover the costs, especially if you’re sued in court and found liable. That’s where a Kansas umbrella insurance policy becomes very important. It pays the difference between your liability limit and what you owe (up to your umbrella policy limits). Because it’s not something you need all the time, it’s very affordable.

Think of your basic coverage like a rain jacket. It surrounds you and keeps you from feeling the total effects of a major accident or problem. But what about the things your insurance can’t protect you from? That’s when you need an umbrella to protect you from the rain, and an umbrella insurance policy to protect you from the big disasters you can’t see coming.

When your liability coverage at home or on the road isn’t enough to cover the big accidents, umbrella insurance adds an extra layer of protection. To find out how affordable umbrella insurance can be for Kansas residents, contact us today!